Martys of Papua New Guinea





This is a Diocesan annual event


- Remember the Martyrs -




The Anglican Diocese of Ballarat is under the patronage of Our Lady of Walsingham and in 1999 the Martyrs of Papua New Guinea were added as patron saints.

The exact dates of the death of the missionaries and others who were killed by the Japanese in New Guinea in August 1942 cannot be ascertained. September 2 was chosen for their memorial by the Synod of the Diocese of New Guinea as being close to the presumed end of the killings. The martyrs included well over 300 people including Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Lutherans. Many were from Papua New Guinea, England and Australia and they were Priests and lay people.

One of those martyred was Fr Henry Matthews who has links with the Anglican Parish of Ararat. A shrine to the Martyrs of Papua New Guinea has been set up at the Ballarat Anglican Cathedral and at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ararat.

Collect for the Martyrs of Papua New Guinea

All powerful and ever living God,
turn our weakness into strength.
As you gave your Martyrs of Papua New Guinea the courage to suffer death for Christ,
give us the courage
to live in faithful witness to you. 
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son who lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Let us remember the Anglican Martyrs of Papua New Guinea

We remember Miss Mavis Parkinson
Lord Jesus Christ, we see in your servant,
Mavis Parkinson, the loving concern for the children’s education;
help us in our time to give quality loving care to our children
and all other students under our care,
so that they may grow in wisdom and truth.

We remember Sister May Hayman
God of love and faithfulness, bless us all with your wisdom,
as we remember your servant, May Hayman today,
that we may, like her, think, care and serve a little more for others
and a little less for ourselves.

Mavis Parkinson

Mavis Parkinson

Sister May Hayman

Sister May Hayman

We remember Reverend Henry Holland
Heavenly Father, we thank you for your servant, Henry Holland,
who saw in Andrew Uware the qualities that were necessary
for the mission of the gospel and so shared the task.
Mercifully pour upon us your insight that we may discern yours gifts in others,
and value them, work together for your glory
and the extension of your Kingdom.

We remember Sister Margery Brenchley
God of hope and love, your servant Margery Brenchley
gave loving hope of healing and health to the sick.
Bless the doctors and nurses in their work;
guide and strengthen us to be your instruments of hope to the hopeless,
the helpless, the suffering and the poor.

We remember Miss Lilla Lashmar
God, our Father, rekindle and deepen our love for you
so that we may with our whole being
want to be a good soldier for Jesus Christ,
as did your servant Lilla Lashmar.

We remember Reverend Vivian Redlich
Heavenly Father, we thank you for the life of Vivian Redlich,
who in obedience to your call,
left the comforts and security of his homeland
and with others ministered your word and sacraments.
Stir up the hearts of all ordained ministers
to serve you well in all circumstances
to hold high your light of truth and love.

We remember John Duffill
God, our Father, you call people in different ministries to build your Church.
We thank you for your servant, John Duffill,
whose keen desire to help you well as a carpenter,
carrying his share of the cross and laying down his life with others,
is an example for us.
Lord, guide and strengthen us in all that you call us to do –
to be faithful and devoted to you and to each other.

We remember Lucian Tapiedi
Lord God Almighty, we thank you for your servant, Lucian Tapiedi,
who volunteered to go back and collect items left behind –
a decision in the face of danger.
Pour upon your Church such bravery,
that we too may be ready to stand up
and defend the rights of the helpless among us.

Reverend Henry Mathews

Reverend Henry Mathews

We remember Reverend Henry Mathews
God, our Father, Creator and Preserver of all,
we thank you for your servant Henry Mathews
whom you called as priest to minister to your Word
and sacraments in Port Moresby.
Bless the work of clergy in the urban centres
that they may be faithful in their calling.

We remember Leslie Gariadi
Lord God, we thank you for Leslie Gariadi, for example of faithfulness,
support and companionship to his priest,
together in life and together in death. Holy and gracious God,
help us to be true to each other and to you in faith and love.

We remember Reverend John Barge
We thank you, Lord Almighty, for your servant John Barge
who met you on a track near a village garden
“with a shot and a sword” at Moewe Kandrian.
Clothe us with your peace and enrich us with your grace,
that we, like John Barge, may face challenges and dangers
with courage and love.

We remember Reverend Bernard Moore
Lord, God of all creations, we thank you for your servant Bernard Moore,
priest, teacher, sailor, supplier and transporter of goods and services
to the outlying islands on the South West coast of New Britain.
Mercifully give us grace to be the means to present your peace and love
to those you have called us to care for and those we meet each day.

We remember the Martyrs who were Priests
God, Creator and Preserver of all, we thank you for
your servants, Henry Holland, Henry Mathews,
John Barge, Bernard Moore, Vivian Redlich
Whom you called to serve as Priests and to minister your word and sacrament among your people in PNG.
Stir up the hearts of all ordained ministers to serve you well in all circumstances. To hold high your light of truth and love.

We remember Melanesian Brothers
We also remember with thanksgiving,
the life and witness of the late Melanesian Brothers
who gave their lives in your service on the beaches of the Solomon Islands: Robin Lindsay, Alrefd Hilly, Tony Shrihi, Paterson Gatu, Francis Tofi, Nethaniel Sado and Ini Paratabatu.
O Lord, you equipped these men with different gifts and talents
to serve you with courage and conviction.
We pray that your Holy Spirit may enable us each day
to know the truth from falsehood and like them,
stand firm to proclaim what is right.